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02/05/2015 Forest Sector Support Partnership Annual Plenary Meeting 2015
11/07/2014 Viet Nam attends the 50th meeting of the International Tropical Timber Council
10/28/2014 The 4th Negotiation Session on VPA/FLEGT between Viet Nam and the European Union
10/14/2014 Thematic workshop on payment of ecosystem services in the framework of ASEAN – ROK Cooperation Agreement
08/21/2014 Launching The Project “Common Assess To Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) Process In Viet Nam And Laos”
08/21/2014 Closing Event Of The 9 –Year Promotion Of Sustainable Forest Management Processing, Trading And Marketing Of Important Forest Product Programme
05/30/2014 ASEAN Wildlife Enforcement Network (ASEAN WEN)
05/28/2014 The 10th AEG on CITES
05/27/2014 ASEAN WEN Partnership Sustainability Workshop
04/23/2014 Announcement on the First Vietnam National Forum for Community Forestry
04/21/2014 Hội thảo tham vấn quốc gia về Hiệp định VPA/FLEGT
Ngày 18/4/2014 Bộ Nông nghiệp và Phát triển nông thôn tổ chức Hội thảo tham vấn quốc gia về Hiệp định VPA/ FLEGT nhằm lấy ý kiến các bên liên quan về nội dung của hiệp định VPA/ FLEGT và cơ chế thực hiện Hiệp định để đoàn đàm phán có cơ sở đàm phán cho các vòng tiếp theo. Đồng thời Hội thảo sẽ thảo luận về vai trò của các bên liên quan trong việc thực Hiệp định VPA sau khi được ký kết.
02/18/2014 EU projects launched to support forest management in Vietnam
Hanoi, Feb 18th 2014 - Three European Union – newly funded projects, worth of 3 million EURO, were officially launched, aiming to support Vietnam and other neighbouring countries in combating illegal logging and to promote trade in legal timber and timber products as well as to improve sustainable use of forests in Vietnam.
01/21/2014 FSSP annual plenary meeting for 2014
Hanoi – On 21 January 2014, the annual plenary meeting of the Forest Sector Support Partnership (FSSP) was chaired by Dr. Ha Cong Tuan, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and co-chaired by Dr. Juergen Hess, Director of the Natural Resources Management Programme of the German Development Cooperation in Viet Nam.
01/17/2014 Announcement on FSSP Annual Plenary Meeting 2014
The FSSP Annual Plenary Meeting, regularly held at the beginning of each year, is considered as one of the most important forums of the Partnership with the aims of strengthening information sharing and policy dialogues between the Government of Viet Nam and local and international partners on sectoral performance in the past year and discussing forest sector development solutions in the future.
12/28/2012 Announcement on FSSP Annual Plenary Meeting 2013
FSSP Annual Plenary Meeting is regularly held in the beginning of the year, aimed at sharing information and strengthening of policy dialogues between Viet Nam and international partners on sectoral activities in the past year and discussing forest sector development solutions in the future
10/28/2011 Announcement for Forum on State Forest Management Enterprises in November 2011
In response of the International Year of Forests 2011 of the United Nations and Viet Nam’s Forestry Day 28 November, FSSP is going to, in collaboration with Viet Nam’s Administration of Forestry, organize a thematic forum entitled “State Forest Enterprises: Reform and Development in integration context” in one day in Hanoi this November. This forum is one of series of activities hosted by VNFOREST in celebration of the Viet Nam’s Forestry Day.
08/30/2011 Regional Forestry Networks Meeting Schedules 2011
02/15/2011 Press Release: FSSP annual review meeting for 2011
On 25 January 2011, the annual review meeting of the Forest Sector Support Partnership (FSSP) was organized. The FSSP annual meeting aimied at information sharing, policy dialogue and reviewing overall sector progress and development in the previous year, as well as discussing plans, orientation for 2011 – 2015 and solutions for the year 2011.
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