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Forest Sector Manual (FSM)

The Forest Sector Manual is an operational tool of the FSSP Partnership, which was agreed in the FSSP&P Memorandum of Agreement in 2001.  The FSM is being developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD, with support from FSSP Coordination Office and the GTZ REFAS project.

 Main objective of the Forest Sector Manual is (1) to provide an overview of the relevant activities of the forest sector, of which systematic sectoral organizational policy framework, procedures, technical process and the best practice were brought in the Forest Sector Manual; and (2) provide tools to plan, implement and to monitor projects and activities within the forestry sector of Vietnam.

Up to now, only 9 chapters are available in English, as follows:

1. Chapter 1: Country Figures/Data

2. Chapter 3: Forestry Policy

3. Chapter 4. Forestry Legislation

4. Chapter 5: Administration and Organization

5. Chapter 10: Species Selection

6. Chapter 11: Plantation

7. Chapter 13: Forestry Land-Use Classification, Planning and Allocation

8. Chapter 16: Conservation and Wildlife Management

9. Chapter 18: Fire Management

The following chapters are available only in Vietnamese (not translated into English yet):

10.      Forest Ecosystem of Vietnam

11.      Forest Soils, Nutrition and Management

12.      Forestry Inventory

13.      Forestry Genetics and Forest Seed Handling

14.      Sustainable Forest Management

15.      Coastal Protection Forest and Watershed Management

16.      Agroforestry

17.      Forest Pest and Disease management

18.      Forest Roads and Harvesting Operations

19.      Forestry Products and Products Processing

20.      Non-Timber Forest Products

21.      Trade and Marketing

22.      Ergonomics and Forestry Labour

23.      Human Environment Analysis and Forestry Extension

24.      Community Forestry

25.      Training and Education

26.      Forestry Economics and Investment

27.      State Forest Enterprises Renovation

28.      Environment and Social Impact Assessment Guideline

29.      Certification

30.      Carbon Sequestration

31.      Research

32.      Forest growth analysis

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