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FOMIS - Forest Sector Monitoring Information System



1.  Forestry Monitoring, Evaluation, and Information

In line with the Government’s policy on strengthening monitoring and evaluation, information sharing and reporting, and improving sector management, since late 2003 the Forest Sector Support Partnership and the FSSP Coordination Office have supported MARD to initiate development of the initial modules of the Forest Sector Monitoring and Information Systems (FOMIS).  This system is designed for gradual development, with various monitoring and information modules, or datasets, to be added over time.

Forest Sector Monitoring and Information.

The sectoral monitoring and information systems should help us assess whether we are reaching key sectoral objectives, such as:

  • Increased protection of the environment?

  • Improved livelihoods of people in forest areas, and reduced poverty?

  • Enhanced contribution of forestry to the national economy?

They will also help us better manage information on what is happening in the sector, and who is doing what.

On 10 November 2006, Minister Cao Duc Phat issued Decision 3427 approving a project entitled, “Application and development of forestry information and technology to 2010,” subsequently referred to as the Forest Sector Information Technology (IT) Project. The overall objective is to: “Develop a modern forestry information system, applied consistently from central to local level, to meet successfully requirements on state administration as well as production and business activities of localities.” 

This system is intended to be a comprehensive one, not only operating at central level, but also linking the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to the provincial Departments of Agriculture and Rural Development. In the past year, MARD has established the following entities to work on development of this project: (1) a Steering Committee; (2) a Technical working Group, of senior technical experts; and (3) an information technology (IT) Core Group, all comprised of staff from relevant MARD departments and institutes.

2.  Overall FOMIS Architecture

This overall programme is envisaged to consist of a considerable of different modules, to be developed and managed by different departments, either existing or under development:

  • Various forestry databases already exist, and are managed by different departments, such as FD, FPD, FIPI, FSIV, and VFU.
  • The Forest Sector Support Partnership (FSSP) has been supporting MARD to develop the Forest Sector Monitoring and Information Systems (FOMIS), with key modules -- the FOMIS Forest Sector Monitoring Indicators and Database, the forestry ODA database, and a forthcoming forestry legal documents database.

2005 Forest Sector Baseline Report

As a baseline for assessing progress for the implementation of the forest sector 5-year plan (2006-2010), as well as implementation of the Vietnam Forestry Development Strategy (VFDS 2006-2020), the revised sector indicator dataset begins with data for 2005.  Thus, any changes in subsequent years can be assessed against this baseline.

An analytical report, on the 2005 status of forestry in Vietnam, will be finalized and released in January 2008.

  • The Vietnam-German Forestry Programme has been working with the Forestry Department, to develop the initial ideas for development of geographic information systems (GIS)-based modules for forest resource monitoring to support sustainable forest management.  This proposed system has been referred to as the Forest Management Information System (FMIS) or alternatively as the GIS-based Forest Resources Monitoring and Management System (FoReMMIS). [See separate newsletter article.]

  • Finland may provide long-term technical assistance and the Trust Fund for Forests finance some other costs for development of the overall system. 

  • With support from the MARD/World Bank’s Forest Law Enforcement and Governance (FLEG) study, the MARD Agro-forestry Processing and Salt Department plans to develop a database on wood processing industries.

  • Other partners may support various elements of the overall system, such as the development of one or more modules for the system, provision of hardware and software, capacity-building and so forth.  Given the ambitious scope of the system, with a large number of modules envisaged, considerable support will be required.

  • Currently, the Forestry Department and the Forest Protection Department each have websites in Vietnamese, whereas the FSSP Coordination Office supports a bilingual (English and Vietnamese) website, and the Vietnam-German Forestry Program, a website in English.  The aim is to move towards an integrated bilingual Forest Sector Information Portal.  The first step is to jointly support a new computer server and higher-speed broadband line, to support these information systems.  The FSSP website has been redesigned, and the new version will be launched as soon as the new server and lease line become available.

3. Development Phases for FOMIS

4. Some Forestry Websites in Vietnam:

Forestry Department: http://www.dof.mard.gov.vn

Forest Protection Department: http://www.kiemlam.org.vn

Forest Sector Support Partnership: http://www.vietnamforestry.org.vn

Vietnam-German Forestry Programme: http://www.mnr.org.vn


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