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Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

Forest Sector Support Partnership

This document constitutes the Terms of Reference describing main functions, tasks, institutional structure, rights and responsibilities, and mode of operations of the Forest Sector Support Partnership for the period of 2011-2015.

1. Main Functions

The Forest Sector Support Partnership (FSSP) aims to create: An effective Forestry Partnership among government, private sector, non-governmental and international stakeholders contributes to implementation of the Viet Nam Forestry Development Strategy (2006 – 2020), by promoting information sharing, increasing policy dialogue and collaboration on important forest sector issues, and maximizing the effectiveness of the activities of the Partnership members aimed to support the forestry sector of Viet Nam.

2. Main Tasks

The main tasks of the Partnership are to:
• Promote information sharing and policy dialogue on key sectoral issues, focusing on implementation of the National Forest Strategy; and
• Promote collaboration on mobilisation of resources and conducting activities to contribute to the implementation of VFDS.

3. Institutional structure

FSSP includes members who are representatives from governmental agencies, domestic and foreign private sector, Non-governmental Organizations, research and training agencies, and bilateral and multilateral development partners. FSSP needs to be developed on the basis of diversified members, especially those from Vietnamese side. Official participation of Vietnamese stakeholders for sustainable development of the forest sector is very important. FSSP Chairman is MARD Vice-Minister while Co-chair is a representative of international partners (one – year term).

Current FSSP institutional structure is presented in figure 1 above, including five related components which are:
• The overall broad Partnership and its members, called FSSP Partners, open for voluntary participation;
• Partnership Steering Committee (PSC);
• Partnership Advisory Board (PAB);
• The Regional Forestry Networks (RFN)
• The Forest Sector Support Partnership Coordination Office (FSSP CO

4. Rights and responsibilities

• Chairperson. The Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Director General of Viet Nam Administration of Forestry will serve as the Chairperson of the Partnership. The Chairperson will provide leadership to Partnership activities in order to realise the expected objectives. She/he can decide on the timing of the Partnership meetings, or other key Partnership activities. At Partnership meetings, she/he is in charge as Chairperson of the meetings, and gives the final conclusions at the end of the meetings. The Chairperson will provide final approval on key Partnership decisions and documents. The Partnership Chairperson is supported by the FSSP Coordination Office, the international Co-chairperson and all other Partnership members.
• Co-Chairperson. The international signatories will select a representative, on a rotating basis, to serve as the International Co-Chairperson of the Partnership. As such, she/he assists the Chairperson with all Partnership activities. The Co-Chairperson will provide final endorsement on key Partnership decisions and documents. The Partnership Co-Chairperson works closely with the Chairperson, and is supported by the FSSP Coordination Office and all other Partnership members.
• The FSSP Partners have the rights to participate in Partnership meetings and activities, and to receive information from the Partnership regarding key sector and Partnership activities. They are, in turn, responsible to share information on their own activities with the Partnership, and to participate actively in promoting implementation of the Viet Nam Forestry Development Strategy and other Partnership activities.

5. Mode of Operations

Partnership Meetings: The Partnership meetings will be convened by the Chairperson and Co-chairperson at least twice a year, as an open stakeholder meeting to discuss key sectoral issues in order to support effective implementation of the Viet Nam Forestry Development Strategy 2006- 2020.

The agenda and documentation of the Partnership meetings will be drafted by the FSSP Coordination Office, approved by the chairperson after consultation with the co-chair and circulated to all members. The PSC will provide its comments and feedback on the proposed agenda. All FSSP Partners can suggest agenda points to the Partnership Coordination Office or to the Chairperson or Co-chair.

One of the Partnership meetings each year can coincide with the Annual FSSP Review Meeting, following submission of the Annual Joint Review Mission’s report on sectoral progress and performance. The overall functioning of the Partnership and its institutions should be reviewed periodically, in preparation of the Partnership’s Annual Review meeting, and recommendations presented to improve its efficiency.

Other Partnership Activities: The Partnership, under the leadership of its Chairperson and Co-chairperson, may decide to engage in other Partnership activities, in addition to its Partnership meetings.



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