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Forest Sector Support Partnership Annual Plenary Meeting 2015
05/02/2015 10:12


   Ha Noi – 4February, 2015, the Forest Sector Support Partnership (FSSP) Annual PlenaryMeeting 2015 was held with the chairmanship of Dr. Hà Công Tuấn, Vice Ministerof the Agriculture and Rural Development, FSSP Chair, and Mrs. Kirsten Hegener,Director of Programme on Management of Natural Resources of GIZ, FSSP Co-chair. Attending the meeting, there were more than 140 participants from the Government agencies (the Office of Government, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Viet Nam Administration of Forestry), representatives of 6 regional provinces of FSSP, representatives of donors, international organizations, forestry experts and projects, international and local NGOs, universities, research institutes and mass media agencies.

   The meeting this year focuses on3 objectives: (1) To review the performance of Viet Nam forest sector in 2014and put forward major development orientations in the next year (focusing onthe implementation of the Forestry Reform Proposal); (2 To update theinternational integration orientations of Viet Nam and impacts on Viet Nam’stimber processing industry; and (3) To discuss the way of approachinginternational initiatives relating to the forest sector in order to utilizethese funding sources more effectively.

   “In 2014, the forest sector implemented its plan in difficult andchallenged conditions, however, with due attention from the Government and theParty to forest protection and development,number of sectoral support policies have been truly penetrated into life,boosting the development of the sector. In past year, the forest sectorhas achieved the highest growth rate than ever, the quality of the growth wasimproved, the export turnover reached a high record increase and the sectoraltargets all surpasses the ones in 2013.Especially, since the end ofthe year, the Forest Sector Restructuring Proposal towards increasingvalue-added and sustainable development has been comprehensively and stronglyconducted from the central level to local level creating positive impacts onthe sectoral development” Dr. HàCông Tuấn said.

   The first part of the meeting isan overview of Viet Nam’s forest sector performance in 2014 and majororientations in 2015. In 2014, the forestry production value achieved thehighest growth rate than ever, 7.09%, the quality of the growth was improved, theexport turnover reached a high record increase and the sectoral targets all achieved.Especially, the Forestry Restructuring Proposal has initially made changes inpractice. After that, participants were updated Viet Nam’s internationaleconomic integration orientation, opportunities, challenges and impacts of thisprocess on Viet Nam’s timber processing and exporting, as well as solutions toincrease its value-added in the context of deeper international integration andsectoral restructuring.

   In the next session, participants have chance to be introduced aboutinternational initiatives for the forest sector related to climate change andFLEGT which Viet Nam can access and recommendations for Viet Nam to utilizethese funding sources effectively for sustainable development. Thus, they havean overall view on international initiatives related to these issues and thestatus of accessing them in Viet Nam.

   “I wish to congratulate MARD for these significant achievements andwould like to express my high appreciation to the Vice Minister for his closeguidance and political support to enable the FSSP partners’ active and valuablecontributions to these achievements. Looking back at the operations of the FSSPover the past 15 years, I believe that – both the Government agencies and donorcommunity – share the view that the FSSP has proved itself, among other things,as a successful platform for coordination and sharing of information withnational and international partners. We are looking forward to the new formatof the forest sector partnership platform, putting the strengthening of forestdevelopment and protection in the context of climate change adaption andmitigation, and an effective implementation of Vietnam’s Green Growth Strategy”,said Mrs. Kirsten Hegener,Co-chairwoman of FSSP.   

   After the meeting, allparticipants reached a consensus on the follow-up activities. This importantevent has attracted a lot of participants the Government of Viet Nam, theinternational donor community, Viet Nam and international non-governmentalorganizations, private sector, FDI enterprises, domestic community societyorganisations and research and training institutes. Fora of FSSP have alwaysbeen considered as an essential information channel to improve policy dialogue,information sharing aiming at enhancing efficiency of the forestry sector forthe goal of sustainable management.


The meeting was funded by JICA and GIZ.

Attached file powerpoint: 

1. Forest sector development report in 2014

2. Opportunities, challenges for the export of timber of Viet Nam in the context of economic integration

3. Solutions for the timber processing and exporting to increase value-added

4. Opportunities for the forest sector to access international climate change finance

5. EU FLEGT Processes: Opportunities, challenges and the way forward

6. International cooperation in forestry sector

Attached file report:

Forest sector development report in 2014

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